Personal Statement: Why to write?

Reasons Why Schools Require Personal Statements

A personal statement is also called the college essay. Just like any other essay, it should include your thoughts, beliefs and your opinion of a given topic. What makes a personal statement different from the rest is that it mainly talks about you. A personal statement should be written in a well-organized manner. It has to give the readers a clear picture of what you want to say. Writing a personal statement should be carefully planned so make sure that you have thought about what you want to say many times before you begin writing.

Schools require personal statements because they want to know everything about you. There are three reasons why schools require personal statements. First of all, the college admission committee of the school wants to know what you are interested in. They want to know your interests because it will give them an idea if the course that you want to take is suitable to what you really find interesting in life. They believe that the course of your choice should be relevant to your personal interests.

Another reason why schools require personal statements is because the college admission committee wants to know your goals in life. They want to understand how you see yourself in the next 10 to 15 years. They want to know if the course that you desire is going to play a big role in your long term goals. They believe that the course that you like should help you achieve your goals in life.

Aside from that, personal statements give them a chance to gauge your writing skills. They want to know if you are able to write an essay following the correct format, the appropriate indentions, appropriate length, font size and spacing. Remember that personal statements need not be very complicated. It does not have to include complex words or sentences.

The last reason why schools require personal statements is because they want to observe the way you see yourself. You manner of writing, your choice of words and the way that you present your ideas in your personal statements will tell a lot about your personality, perspectives, beliefs and your outlook in life. From these personal statements they will understand who you are better than just looking at your grades and other achievements for the past few years.

Now that you understand why schools require personal statements, you should make sure that you give it your best. This is your chance to tell college admission committee about who you are and why you deserve to be in their school.

If you have done your research on applying to tertiary educational institutions, you probably already know that the personal statement can make or break your application. In many cases, admissions committees make their final decision based on the applicants personal statement. The reason schools place so much importance on personal statements is because these show

One of the basic requirements for entering into colleges, universities, or graduate schools is the personal statement. The personal statement is not only a basic part of the application package, but it is also one of the most vital. Admissions committees usually make their decisions depending on how well-written the applicants personal statement is. For

There are three common types of personal statements that people write about when they apply to a school. These three types of personal statements reflect the personal characteristics, struggles, achievements, and goals of an applicant. In addition, these bits of information enable admissions committees to see a human character instead of an applicant defined and