Our writers are some of the best in the business!

Some sites hire thousands of unqualified writers, but we prefer quality over quantity. Thats why we maintain a smaller but highly experienced group of just over 100 writers, all of whom are academic experts trained in essay writing.

Every writer is from the UK and has studied at a UK university. We check the qualification of all our writers to make sure that theyre up to our incredibly high standards.

Do you want to become our writer?

Applications from new writers are welcome all year round. We are interested in hearing from anyone with a Bachelors or (preferably) a Masters degree from a recognised British university. English should be your first language.

If you would like to be considered for a writing position, use the contact form below to get in touch. If we are interested in pursuing your application, we will ask for copies of the following documents to be sent by email:

• A valid form of government-issued ID.

• A recent bill showing your name and address.

• A degree certificate from a recognised institution.

• A sample of your academic writing.

Before we hire you, we will ask you to complete a test assignment. We will base our decision partly on how well you perform with the test assignment. If you are hired, you will initially be on a test contract for three months, after which will will assess your performance and decide whether or not to offer you a permanent contract.

Why write for us?

We offer highly competitive pay for the industry and, unlike many sites, we pay for each assignment once it has been completed. This means you are not waiting for a single lump sum payment once a month.

More information about rates of pay, and other arrangements as well as our contractual agreements, will be provided if we decide to pursue your application.